6 Incredible Food Establishments in Metro Manila that cater to a healthier lifestyle

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These are healthier alternatives for everyone!

People are often skeptical when you mention the phrase “eating healthily” because let’s be honest, it’s hard to resist temptations. When it comes to eating and living healthily, it doesn’t have to mean going on a strict diet or eating nothing but vegetables all day, every day. In reality, it means adhering to a balanced eating plan that includes a range of nutritional meals and beverages. 

If you’re thinking about getting into shape or just looking for motivation to start eating better, the search for a solution is over because we are going to introduce you to a number of options in food establishments in Metro Manila area where you can get started on your journey into a better, cleaner, and healthier lifestyle. From purely plant-based food to balanced organic meals, there will be a lot to discover here!

For your vegetarian and vegan dreams

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food establishments in metro manila
Photos from Corner Tree Café’s Facebook

It is widely acknowledged that Corner Tree Cafe in Makati was an early trailblazer in the local vegetarian and vegan scene. Chiqui Mabanta, the proud proprietor of the food institution, had no competition for the first five years after the cafe opened; but, shortly after that, other restaurants that dabbled in plant-based cuisine began opening their doors. Since 2009, Mabanta has been running the cafe all by herself.

According to the cafe’s website, the proud owner “got excited with the idea of setting up a cozy place that would serve tasty, hearty meals with both vegetarian and vegan (no eggs, no dairy) dishes, and to present the food as great comfort food but without meat.” For Manila, this was the first of its kind. From the outside, the cafe is rather unassuming with the small space it takes up along Jupiter Street although its rustic look will certainly get heads turning. The decor at the restaurant evokes the feeling of a house that has been repurposed into a restaurant. 

Vegetarian versions of traditional Filipino dishes are available at this café. One of their best-sellers is the Kare-kareng Gulay (P265.00), made with organic peanut butter and garden-fresh vegetables, served with red rice and vegetarian bagoong prepared using black beans. They also have Adsilog (P225.00) which stands for adobong tofu-sinangag-itlog. The meat is substituted with tofu marinated in vinegar and soy sauce. Vegetable laing (P230.00) and vegetable sinigang (P250.00) are also available. Mabanta takes great satisfaction in being true to her vision over the course of her business. In an interview with Tatler Asia, the cafe’s proud owner said that the cafe’s success is because she serves food that she loves, not what she thinks other people will like.


food establishments in metro manila
Photos from Pipino Veg’s Facebook

If you’re looking for purely plant-based dishes, you can’t go wrong with checking out Pipino Veg in Teacher’s Village, Quezon. As a Filipino vegan restaurant, Pipino Veg uses only locally produced fruits and vegetables in Filipino recipes, giving them unique twists incorporating familiar and novel tastes to show that there’s no need to compromise between deliciousness and healthiness. Pipino Veg began in April 2010 with a six-item menu and has since expanded significantly. Like Corner Tree Café, Pipino Veg offers its own take on the traditional kare-kare (P195.00). Actor and Pipino Veg Managing Director Vance Larena told WhenInManila.com that the health advantages of plant-based diets extend beyond the Filipino population—it can also save the planet. 

Other dishes on their menu worth trying are the buffalo cauliflower wings (cauliflower coated in vegan butter and hot buffalo sauce; P245.00), mushroom salpicao (mushrooms, spices, and wine; P245.00), portobello inasal (eggplants, red beet puree, and rice; P225.00), and tortang talong with cauli rice (chickpea batter instead of eggs; P195.00).

Veganism in Manila might be challenging, but Pipino Veg promises to serve only the best 100% plant-based meals in order to make it easier for people to follow their lifestyles.

Learn more about Corner Tree Café and Pipino Veg by visiting these links:

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Organic and sustainable dining is guaranteed at these food establishments

Listed below would be a few of the popular places in the Philippines where you can get your healthy fix and have your appetite more than satisfied. By dining in and supporting these food establishments, not only would you be getting a lot for yourself and becoming a newly-welcomed customer, but you will also be supporting local farmers too!


food establishments in metro manila
Photos from Green Pastures’ Facebook

Chef Robby Goco developed the farm-to-table restaurant concept for Green Pastures. He is a pioneer in sustainable local dining and is well-known for advocating for local farmer support. The restaurant only sources its food from producers that adhere to environmentally responsible practices on their farms, ranches, and fisheries. The menu of the restaurant is constantly changing since it is determined by the ingredients that are currently available from the restaurant’s many suppliers. They don’t use any additives that aren’t good for your health, and they prepare all of their foods from scratch. 

Some of the restaurant’s best-sellers are the signature Farmhouse Salad (roast chicken, kale, egg, bacon, corn, goat cheese, and more; starts at P545.00), Avocado Greens (avocado, roast chicken, mesclun, red onions, grape tomato and more; starts at P490.00), and Poke Bowl (tuna poke, quinoa, mango, kale, edamame, nori and more; starts at P555.00). They also carry a lot of meat-based meals like roast chicken, buffalo chicken meatballs, and roast pork sisig among others.

 Green Pastures has a few branches where people can visit and finally get a taste of their delicious menu. You can find them at Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Eastwood, and Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. When it comes to healthy and satisfying meaty meals that taste great, Green Pastures is one of the best places in the metro. A healthier and more conscientious style of life and eating is emphasized when you dine at Green Pastures.


food establishments in metro manila
Photos from Earth Kitchen’s Facebook

Earth Kitchen is another restaurant that promises to provide cuisine that is both organic and sustainable and is one of the food establishments in metro manila. Earth Kitchen is also a farm-to-table restaurant in the Philippines, and like Green Pastures, the restaurant cooperates with a number of farming communities around the country. Since they have partnerships with local agricultural communities, their menus are always shifting to take advantage of the freshest, most abundant produce that each season has to offer. 

Mushroom Spring Rolls (shiitake, peanuts, greens, lime sauce; P300.00), Beef Kebab (boneless beef ribs, vegetables, served with Ifugao rice pilaf; P420.00), and Fish & Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos (mahi-mahi fillet, greens, roasted sesame dressing; P210.00) are among the restaurant’s most popular dishes. There are vegetarian options available as well.

Earth Kitchen is without a doubt in a position to offer its patrons a nourishing and pleasurable eating experience as a result of its commitment to delivering on its promise of providing customers with delicious, organic, and sustainable dishes.

Learn more about Green Pastures and Earth Kitchen by visiting these links:

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Refreshing and nutritious beverages

These drinks will surely give your immune system a boost!


food establishments in metro manila
Photos from Pure Nectar’s Facebook

Pure Nectar provides cold-pressed juices that are raw, unpasteurized, and prepared entirely from fresh fruits and vegetables. Arielle Escalona, daughter of Fruit Magic founder Dr. Alan Escalona, developed Pure Nectar. The brand started its production in the Philippines in the year 2015, eventually branching out to Singapore and placing a new goal of expanding until they are known in the global scene. 

Pure Nectar is committed to encouraging a healthy lifestyle with their well-known juice cleanse packages. They don’t use any artificial sweeteners, additives, or preservatives in their products, and each flavor is specifically designed to appeal to Filipino palates. Their current juice cleanse sets include a P3,250.00 3-day antioxidant cleanse with 21 bottles, a P2,295.00 2-day liquid burn cleanse with 14 bottles, and a P1,215.00 1-day cellular renewal cleanse with 7 bottles. They also offer solo bottles that run from P65.00 to P350.00. Pure Nectar also guarantees the great quality of their products as aside from ensuring that their production is based on the international Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards, they ensure quick delivery of the drinks and specific handling and storing guidelines for those who would avail.


food establishments in mtero manila
Photos from Raw’s Instagram

And then there’s Raw, an all-natural juice bar that specializes in cold-pressed juices with a broad range of health benefits ranging from skincare to weight loss. Raw is in fact a sustainable company that encourages fair trade by providing support to local farmers and sustainable agricultural practices. Each bottle of RAW Juice Series is prepared using organic products that are acquired directly from local farms, according to the company’s website. Their prices range from P120.00 to P230.00 for one bottle while their juice cleanse plan runs from P1,150.00 to P4,350.00. Raw Juice Bar is available within their branches in Greenhills Promenade Mall and Cinema at San Juan, Manila, and SM Sucat in Paranaque City.

Learn more about Pure Nectar and Raw by visiting these links:

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Remember, starting a journey towards a cleaner and healthier lifestyle is no simple task, but anyone can have the opportunity to do so if there are enough opportunities and resources around them!


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