A Study on how Financial Skills can make your CV more attractive

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Are you aware on different financial skills? Do you have any financial skills? Do you consider putting your financial skills in your CV? Do you think there’s an advantage in putting your Financial Skills into your CV? Start putting your financial skills in your CV to impress your employer!

First, a formal accounting qualification. In creating your CV, your experience and proof of your talent will surely land you to your dream job. Your CV is your ticket to a job that you want, having a impressive CV can increase your chances of getting hired. But in some jobs, an impressive CV is not clearly enough. For example, in finance, having a job related to finance requires meticulous processes and practices. So here in finance, you need some specific qualifications, like highlighting CA or CPA. This will greatly increase your chances in getting hired. Second, intrapersonal skills. Communication skills are vital to a person. It allows them to understand and cooperate with other people. Like Intrapersonal skill, this refers to how a person can communicate to the people around him. Now, even in finance sector communication skills are required. This skill allow the person to build a good relationship with their clients. So having good communication skills can get you higher chances of getting qualified. So practice your communication skills especially your Intrapersonal skill, this will help you in your financial dream job. Usually those who have better skills in this area is the only difference in getting hired. Third, ability to communicate. Applying in a financial job requires writing and communicating skills. So your ability to communicate is important, it can be to your superiors or even to your clients, as long as you have the ability. Having to explain complicated things to your client, helping your clients that has limited knowledge in the financial terms. Many companies choose person that can do this kind of skills. They prefer these candidates because they can make the in trusty bloom more, rather than those people that forget their lessons and can’t achieve this kind of things. Fourth, financial reporting. Reporting is a prerequisite requirement in financial jobs. Financial jobs require you to have a strong reporting skills like in super forecasting, they require this skill. Companies are having a hard time of acquiring people that has a strong reporting skill. So you just don’t need to improve your communication skills but also you reporting skills. Make sure when you are interviewed or creating your CV demonstrate properly your reporting skills. With this said, it will give you additional advantages over the other candidates that wish the same role you want. So, take notes and practice this skill for higher chances of getting hired. Fifth, analytical Ability. This is another ability you need to improve if you want a successful journey in your financial job. Analytical ability is another requirement in the financial job field. A person that can analyze, and explain scenarios also being able to draw out scenarios for the client they talk to. Companies are looking for these kinds of person. So you need to demonstrate this skill properly and show the company that you are capable of doing analytical analysis of things related in finance. With that said, that is another skill that will ensure you of your job. Sixth, problem solving skill. This is another skill that you must have when applying for a financial job. You will be dealing with a lot of numbers and problems that need to be solved, having a critical thinking and problems solving skills will be needed here. So must be able to solve problems it can be about your clients or the numbers you deal with. Companies will look for candidates that has this kind of skill, they are valuable for the company. So make you list this skill and improve it. Seventh, knowledge of digital tools. In our world now, technology always take part in different things, allowing us to do task more efficiently and effectively. So these digital tools are now also used in jobs, sometimes they are required for a specific job because you will be using the tools and you must be proficient on it. Now, these digital tools help our lives to be easier and better, financial companies use accounting tools or applications, so persons with high IT skills can excel here. Be sure that you are proficient in these applications or tools and use them to your advantage! Eight, management experience. Managerial experience is not that really necessary for looking a job in financial world. You can treat it as additional experience for you CV that might pique the interest of the company you are trying to apply to. Managerial experience talks about how you can manage team during your leadership. This shows that you have the ability to lead and coordinate people around you, and this might get the attention of the company you want to that needs a person with management experience, maybe they have a role that needs leadership and order. Ninth, commercial Acumen. Commercial Acumen means Know-How, an example of this is a person knows how a market works, and you have the knowledge about the trends and tools that are rising in the market. And if you know those things, you have the ability to analyze and think of how it can help the company grow and outgrow the competitors. As for being a financial professional being commercial acumen means you know how to read financial statements and you are financial literate. You know what strategies you can input that might affect the company. Tenth, capacity for innovation. As our world move forward, you too must learn to adapt. As you apply and find jobs to be a financial professional, you must be learning new knowledge about finance and learn to apply it to yourself or your career. Learn to think out of the box and find ways how to further improve all the skills you gathered since you were studying. Surely for doing thing this, you will stay tip top of your performance and knowledge. Now if you already do this, then for sure someone will hire you and eager to work with you with all the knowledge and skills you have will affect the company greatly positive.

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