Ask Yourself: Am I Financially Literate?

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Is it important to become financially literate? What are the advantages of being like that? Is being financial literate can help us grow and be successful? How can I determine if I am financially literate? What are the effects of being financial literate? Here are some study from the Investopedia that explains the advantages of being financially literate:

Are you financially literate?
It is easy to determine if someone is financially literate, if they know how to manage and control their expenses, that is someone who is financially literate. It is not that really hard to be a financial literate person, it doesn’t require anything from you, just learn the basic skills of financial literacy like saving, budgeting and more. That is your first step to be a financial literate person. Now after acquiring the basic skills, you will eventually evolve and learn other skills as well, like learning the idea of interests, determining, and solving financial problems you encounter, getting yourself out of debts and such. Being a financial literate person will greatly impact your life and financial stability if you are able to utilize your knowledge of financial literacy. It can help you to become successful in life and to achieve better. It is being stable in life and prosperous. Don’t hesitate to risk your pride for new knowledge and ideas that might help you to achieve success and better life. Now ask yourself, do I have skills and ability to become financially literate? Am I aware about Financial Literacy? Do I understand Financial Literacy? Am I ready for life changes? Having this questions in your mind can help you to track yourself if you are in the right pace. It can also guide you to be stronger and disciplined. Ask yourself now!

How do you know if you are financial literate?
There are common skills and qualities that a financial literate person has. To become a financial literate person, you have to learn a set of skills that enables you to apply it your financial problems. If you are able to learn these skills and apply it to your life then you are a financial literate person. If you are able to make budget, save money and use it on the right time. Tracking your expenses is also a skill of a financial literate person, because tracking your expenses gives you control on how you spend your earnings. A financial literate person also knows that they must not spend more than they earn, it puts them in a bad spot especially if they want to control their money. Using cards and bank accounts is also a trait of financial literate person, saving money and setting up an emergency accounts for future purposes. Planning your future is also a common among financial literate people, they plan their retirement for their future. These are the common traits that financial literate people has, it brings them great advantages when applying their skills in financial situations that they face. Being financially stable leads us to become successful in life. Keep in mind that financially stable means you are able to spend money while maintaining your finances. You can pay your bills and even buy your wants. This is how financial stability feels like.

Better communities
We know that learning financial literacy can change someone’s life. Now if everyone on the community can practice this and learn it. It will change the community for the better, it could transform the community and the people as well. There are some seminars that is being conducted on some communities that teaches financial literacy and it is better to attend them and learn from them. The things you learn there will eventually show benefits that will make your financial situation more stable and will improve your financial decisions. It can also help us to stop the root of society’s issues, the Poverty. Poverty leads different crimes and injustices in this world. If we manage to stop poverty, we can help our world to heal from it. With that, we can have a better life together with our family. We can use our wealthy mind to share prosperity, peace and love for everyone. Having these kind of mind-set can help us to bless others. Being knowledgeable and disciplined can inspire others to try and risk for the sake of success. Achieving a wealthy life is giving us an opportunity to lead others. Keep in mind that a prosperous life comes from a stable financial status.

How does financial literary contribute in life
Learning financial literacy greatly impacts our lives. It may not be easy to be financially literate but once you learn it, eventually it will show you the benefits of applying it to your life. How does it contribute to our life, when applying financial literacy skills it will help you solve financial problems that you encounter, it may not be right away but surely you can think of a solution because of your skills? Managing money is vital for our survival, therefore applying skills such as saving, budgeting and such will give good contributions in your life, these skills are the basics of financial literacy, you will learn these skills early in your life and you will use it your whole life as well. Financial literacy also contributes in our life that it can save us from serious financial problems, people who don’t practice financial literacy usually encounters problems because they don’t know how to handle and manage their earnings. Meanwhile if you practice good financial skills, it can help you build and secure your future it also helps you find solutions for you financial problems. It is proven that those who are financial literate changes their lives, they have better decision-making skills about spending their money, they also know to save and prepare for their future, if they ever got in a problem they have solutions and strategies to make it up. These are some of the contributions of financial literacy in our lives, it changes and brings good things in our life.

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