Ask Yourself: Why I can’t save money?

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Do you plan to save money but not able to do it? Are you still asking yourself “Why I can’t save money?” Is it hard for you to save money? Or do you have problems in saving? This article can help you to figure out the reasons why you can’t save money according to clever girl finance site.

First, you don’t have a budget. Not having a budget is like having a door but it does not have a knob. Where everyone is free to go in and out, robbers, strangers, and such. With that analogy, you can understand what the budgeting does to your money. It can control the flow of your money, you decide when, where or what to spend your money. When you don’t have a budget, you don’t care enough on how to spend and control your expenses. This is one of the reasons why you can’t save money because you are just spending it unwise on different things and you don’t have any control or break when you spend your earnings. Second, you can’t save money because you have a lot of debt. Debt is one of the sources that take your earnings or savings from you. It is important to control the debts you are paying. You need to be careful when you have a lot debts, because it can spin out of control and you will be trapped in an endless cycle of debts you are trying. Always remember that borrowing money should be you last resort when you are in dire need of extra cash. Make sure that you can pay it as soon as you can, do not ignore it. There are also strategies you can implement to pay your debts like the snowball method where you start to pay the lowest debt with more payment but making sure that you are still reaching the minimum payment to your other debts. Third, you’re living beyond your means. Living beyond your means. This means that you are spending way too much compared to your earnings. This is because you are overspending than earning. You are losing too much money that you can’t even bring it back with your earnings. This is a bad habit that you need to cut. You need to measure how much you earn and how much you can spend with the earnings you make, this is a way for you to save money. You need to cut some expenses that doesn’t really essential to you, control your spending, these are ways to make sure that you are spending the right amount of money whenever you earn it. Fourth, you don’t earn enough money. Some people are satisfied with money that barely enough for a month. When they earn their salary, it is just good enough for just a month. But that mindset is not healthy, yes you earn enough for the month but what if unexpected situation arises? Where will you get your extra cash for that? Salary that barely last for a month is not enough, at the very least you should have extra cash with that salary. There are some ways to get extra cash, like working hard to get a raise or promotion that increases your salary, getting side jobs that can provide extra cash for you to use. Because you can save money if your salary is just for that month. That is why it is important to get a source of extra cash so you can save them. Fifth, you can’t save money because saving is not a priority. Saving is a skill that you learn early in your life. Now if you are not saving some cash, that is a big mistake, and you need to stop that habit. Saving has its benefits, you can save for a goal that you want to achieve, or maybe for any emergency situation, you because you might need it when you run short on cash. You should make this your priority whenever you get your salary. This can save you from different situations and financial problems that you might encounter in the future. It doesn’t matter how much you put into your savings as long as you are putting something even just a dollar it matters, just make sure that you are increasing that amount time to time when you can so that you can fully utilize the function of saving money. Sixth, you don’t have a saving goal. We just talked about saving. Now having a goal is also vital when saving money. By having a goal, not just any goal, something that is meaningful and concrete, that will be your driving force to stay dedicated and committed to you saving your money. This goal will be achieved if you continue to save. In general saving is important even if you don’t have a goal, as long as you know what the benefits are of saving then you are in the right track. Seventh, you can’t save money because you don’t have an emergency fund. Your savings and emergency funds are different. Emergency funds are saving that is meant for unexpected situations, like you or someone in your family gets ill, getting short on cash and such. Now it is important to remember that this fund is dedicated for those unexpected situations, it is better that you start early saving your emergency funds. Eight, you’re paying for subscriptions that you don’t use. Sometimes we subscribe to a service, like streaming platforms and such. But sometimes we forget that we are still signed to these services even though we are not fully utilizing it and not beneficial to us anymore. This will eat your money or savings if you let it go unnoticed. Make sure that the services you are signed is actively used by you so that your money doesn’t go to waste and cut off any subscriptions that you don’t need, that money will be more useful if sent to your savings. Ninth, you’re an impulse shopper. This is another reason why you can’t save your money. You spend way too much. Being an impulse shopper is a bad habit and it has negative effects on your finances. Nothing is wrong if you want to go shopping, but it is also important to measure the expenses that you will do and make sure that you keep it moderated. Spending blindly every day is not good for your saving. Your money is already depleted before you can even save some of it. Make sure you are determine and you think it through before you spend your money. Tenth, you aren’t paying yourself first. Paying yourself means that you are saving money for your goals before spending the money you earned. Some people are used to pay their bills and such then saving what is left of the budget. That is ok but not efficient. When you save your money first, you are putting yourself and your future above everything. With that said you can reach your goals more quickly if you set an amount of money to save first before spending it all. This is another habit that will help you save money.

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