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First things first, I want to say Congratulations to you! Finishing your studies for many years and acquiring that diploma is a beautiful thing and you must cherish it because it is the result of your blood, sweat and tears. No one can underestimate your abilities and skills because the diploma you’re holding is the symbol of your effort, passion and dedication that you endure since your childhood days. However, random thoughts will start to enter your mind with a question, “now what?”.

So do not panic and try to calm your senses. Now that you graduated, take a look in your surroundings and grab a notebook nearby. List down all the things you need to achieve after your graduation. It can be a travel plan, bonding with friends and family, seek for job opportunities and many more. Gone are the days that you are struggling to finish the deadlines within a limited time because you have the power to choose what job suits you the best and you can choose if you want to stay in your chosen profession or not. However, real world will not be easy so as much as possible, be firm with your decision and know your priorities too.

According to an article from Concrete, they reveal that 44% of undergraduates are unable to determine the industry that they would like to work in once they graduate. (  This is a common scenario in every college students because once they earned their degree, a lot of competitors in the job industry are going to block their path. That is why, it is very important that you must plan it carefully before rushing into tough decision that will cause a negative impact to you. Before going to the battlefield, you must ready your weapons right? Of course, your accomplished diploma is your greatest asset but it is not enough if the owner itself is still not yet ready to face the real world system.

Before you become gloomy and unfriendly beliefs consume your mind, take a deep breath and take necessary preparations ahead before joining the adults’ battle. As listed from an article in Top Universities namely, “What to do Now You’ve Graduated”, there are options that you can do after graduation.

First, is take a break and go travelling.

You can write down all the places you want to go before joining the corporate world and explore all the delightful spots in your town so that it can help you to feel relax and remove the tensions inside you. Also, why not try writing a blog about your journey right? Not only will it make you productive, but you can also show it as your portfolio for your job because the employers can see that you are hardworking and a person who has good time management because you simply do not want to waste your time in just plain tour only, but you make it as an inspiration to write and share your insights that will be a big help for the promotion in that place.

Second, is be an entrepreneur.

If you are frightened that companies may not hired you because of the tough competitions and you’re still shy to mingle with everyone but you are really good in planning and marketing, then maybe opening up your own business will be a good step for you. Huge businesses just doesn’t turn to be successful in just one night because it also requires a lot of time and process before you make it famous and stable. There will be problems along the way like making sacrifices, financial crisis, low engagements and many more. Sometimes, the results will not work in your favor but the important thing is you do not give up. Enumerate all the possible business and services you want to offer whether it’s a food service, clothing service, online services, courier services and many more because with the emergence of social media, things are not impossible for you to have an interaction with the people because they will be your customers in the future.

(Are you still seeking for more informations brought upon by Top University’s article? You can still read their informations by checking their website in this link:

Third, is to polish your social media presence.

According to an article from Regions namely, “Adulting” 101: How to Prepare for Life After College”, this is now the right time to make yourself known to others so browse all your websites during your college days, access it again and make it informative and professional by adding your skills and other words that will make an impressive portfolio that you can show to the employer or HR for your dream company. But even if you do not have one well, you can make your own website. There are so many websites that you can choose from either free or paid such as LinkedIn, Wix, WordPress and such in which you can customize it whatever you desire to make an appealing presentation to introduce yourself because first impressions are very important when it comes to job hunting and some companies especially HR requires to have a peek in your website in order to be aware in what you can do that will benefit their company.

Lastly, is to start your job search.

Conduct a thorough searching in the Internet because there are multiple job hiring are looking for fresh graduates everywhere to work in full time or part time. But be cautious when searching the social media because we never know if the sites are reliable or not. Check for their authenticity and websites to see if they have good reviews in their work environment, collaborations with legit companies, testimonials from their customers and so on. And once you successfully inquire to the company, then fulfill the necessary requirements to them like your cover letter, resume, portfolio and many more so that you will have a chance to be scheduled in an interview on the spot or wait for a few days. But do not apply in just one company only and be open to other options as well and check your emails everyday to see a response from them.

(Learn more with their knowledge by visiting this link :

To sum it up, you have millions of choices and opportunities that lies for you in the future. College days are both stressful but fun at the same time. These are the days when you stumble upon your feet and endure all the problems but you still manage to stand up and continue to do your tasks even though you are not feeling okay but eventually you get used to the system and never give up in the process. Remember your college years as proof that you still stand tall to the ground and it serves as your training to face the reality between you and the world so proceed to the next chapter in your life and trust yourself.



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