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Before traveling around the world, you might want to explore and check the Palawan off your travel bucket list. Here are some of the different islands and islets you should visit in Palawan, Philippines!

The Palawan province, which was called the Paragua way back in 1902, is located in the western Philippines. The province offers a variety of tourist attractions like rock formations, small and large lagoons, coral gardens, white sand beaches and sandbars, marine life encounters, rich forests, and mountains. There are still undiscovered parts of the Palawan that are not yet been shown to the public as they are protecting the natural growth and balance of the hidden gems of Palawan.

Image by Romel Duarte via Pexels
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Recommended Islands and islets to visit in Palawan

Palawan is overhyped by the mainstream media because there are a lot of reasons why Palawan is the best place to visit if you are a beginner at traveling, here are some of the suggested places to explore in Palawan.

  • Balabac, Palawan
Bobby’s Island Image by Backpacking Philippines via
Patawan Island Image by Backpacking Philippines via

Palawan is known for white beaches and sand bars, these two islands are just a glimpse of what people will experience out of all the 1,780 islands and islets, waiting to be explored and taken care of. Balabac, Palawan, a place in Palawan that has different islets to offer. Bobby island shows a unique look for a sandbar, the islet has mangrove trees planted in its ground. The trees are there for the marine life and roaming birds, not to mention the breathtaking scenery it offers, meanwhile the neighboring islet, which is Patawan island, offers a neat-looking view, it has a rich amount of palm trees and a turquoise sea which is very calming and serene.

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  • Coron, Palawan
Lusong Gunboat Wreck Image by Backpacking Philippines via
Mount Tapyas Image by Backpacking Philippines via

The Lusong Gunboat Shipwreck and Coral Garden are located in the southwest part of Busuanga. Despite their proximity to the Busuanga coast, they are much further away from Coron Town. Most tours do not go there, it remains a relatively quiet location. This scuba diving and snorkeling location in Coron, Palawan features the Japanese supply boat that was bombed during World War II. This peaceful place is perfect for people who really want to unwind and get away from the city noise. Mount Tapyas is one of the greatest hiking spots in the Philippines, it features the overlooking view of Coron Island and the satisfaction it gives after climbing the 721 steps could be immaculate and memorable, some say the view of sunset up on its top is very surreal and calming.

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  • Dumaran, Palawan
Puntod Sandbar Image by Backpacking Philippines via
Maruyog-ruyog Coral Garden Image by Backpacking Philippines via

Matintinen Sandbar is a beautiful long Islet that is surrounded by clear waters, this sandbar is very simple looking, but it gives a distinct feature of being the long beach with shallow waters perfect for swimming and sunbathing as it has a flat surface of white sand. This sandbar can be found by riding transportation in Santa Teresita and near Lingit Bay. Maruyog-ruyog Island is an Island with rich trees, but the most attractive it is known for is the Coral Garden beneath the sides of the Island, it has so many corals and reserves that you can really encounter a school of fishes and explore the vast bed of corals. It has a long wooden bridge with a nipa hut on its end, which is perfect for resting while appreciating the view or a perfect spot for picture taking.

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  • El Nido, Palawan
Taraw Cliff Image by Backpacking Philippines via
Bukal Island Image by Backpacking Philippines via
Cadlao Lagoon Image by Backpacking Philippines via

El Nido is one of the greatest prides of Palawan. It has many things to offer not just beaches and sandbars. El Nido is a place that everyone must see, it is the most suggested tourist place for travelers. One of the spots they have is the taraw cliff, it is the highest point of El Nido which makes it more exciting to climb to see the overlooking view of the towns and endless sea but in exchange this cliff is far more dangerous than any other tourist spots in El Nido, Palawan. The cliff has many sharp and rigged rocks that might cause harm to the skin, some of the rocks are not stable so it will be possible for someone to fall from its high peak, that is why guides are warning tourists that wants to experience extreme activities like going into the taraw cliff, must be extra careful and be ready in case of an emergency. Aside from its danger the satisfaction you will get is beyond compare, imagine successfully climbing the peak and enjoying the one-of-a-kind view from the top. Clear deep waters are normal in Palawan, but this specific island, the bukal island offers a huge shallow clear water that is also a home for many fishes and marine life, going to this island and experiencing the touch of calm and clear water, playing with small fishes, and appreciating the giant rock formations is truly an experience worth remembering and sharing. El Nido, Palawan, is also known for many small and big lagoons, one of the lagoons is the Cadlao lagoon, it is a combination of shallow and deep waters, and it has magnificent rock formations and towering rock walls, for tourists who want to swim away from the scorching sun, lagoons are the best option as the rocks act as cover to prevent sunlight from entering.

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Palawan is very rich in biodiversity, for the longest time the people there preserved the ecology of the animals that lived with them, and marine life is getting bigger because the coral reefs in Palawan continued prospering after the prohibitions of illegal fishing and dynamite fishing, Palawan is also referred as the last ‘biodiversity’ frontier because it still has maintained the closest percentage of the original number of trees. Palawan has many things to offer, many undiscovered places and untouched islands and islets waiting to be discovered, a vast possibility that can be created in one place to another. Let us always remember to take care of our land and seas together with the animals and living things within it.

This is a blog series, featuring different tourist spots in the Philippines that will entice and encourage you to travel. Be updated when a new blog is released.

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