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If the Philippines would have seven wonders, negros would be one of them. Check out this blog to know more about negros occidental and it might change your mind to explore it!

Negros Occidental is a province of the Philippines in the Western part of the Visayas region. It occupies the northwestern half of Negros Island. Bacolod city is the capital of Negros Occidental. They are best known for their massive production of sugar, but today, we will dig deeper and look at its natural beauty, the places we have never seen on television. These will encourage you to look for more hidden gems around the Philippines.

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Recommended places to go to in Negros Occidental

Negros occidental may not interest you in some way, but the hidden gems that must be visited in this province will surely change your mind! Here are some of the places you must see in Negros Occidental!

  • Don Salvador Benedicto & Kabankalan City
Malatan-og Falls Image by Backpacking Philippines via

The Malatan-og Falls in Don Salvador Benedicto. Due to the high altitude, the route to the site offers travelers beautiful scenery, and the increase in tourism has created the opportunity for several cafes and resorts to open in the area. The route has Pine trees on the side of the main road. It is a unique place with gardens but be careful as there is a winding road ahead. Recently the government has actively encouraged tourism in the city. Businesses in the region thrive while protecting their natural resources, and through their efforts provide more employment and/or business opportunities to local people. The route is also popular with cyclists and drivers. This beautiful gigantic fall is perfect for picture taking and meditating as it gives a calm vibe, and it naturally cures the feeling of exhaustion because of its falling sound and surrounding environment.

            Mag-aso Falls Image by Backpacking Philippines via

One of the greatest Pride of Negros Occidental, the Mag-aso Falls. Aside from it having a natural pool and beautiful falls. It has a beautiful built-in pool, cottages with privacy, and a place for grilling food. The accommodation in this fall is really elevated to the next level, its just not a fall that is a place for relaxation, it also includes the safety of the people who will enjoy the place. The rustic ambiance it gives makes it unique and one of a kind, the combination of indoor and outdoor is really giving the tourist a choice and a memorable experience. The mag-aso falls is a hundred- and twenty-feet high fall and can be visited through one hundred and eight steps above. This fall is also a perfect picture-taking background and a perfect way to calm the nerves and sightseeing. Another thing is the budget-friendly fees for this fall. The only thing you will pay for is the flight going to this wonderful Mag-aso Falls province.

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  • Sipalay City & San Carlos City
Perth Paradise Resort, Sipalay Images by Backpacking Philippines via
Tinagong Dagat Island Resort, Sipalay Images by Backpacking Philippines via
     Mayana Peak, San Carlos Image by Backpacking Philippines via

Sipalay’s Perth Paradise Resort is undoubtedly one of the best places to relax and enjoy in summer, whenever you want to take a break from work or school, breathtaking views and unique sceneries offer world-class beauty. Perfect for building healthy relationships with family and friends. Perth Paradise Resort is a beautiful beachfront resort located in Sipalay City’s Sitio Sambrawan, dubbed “The Jewel of the Sugar Island.” This place is always visited by domestic and foreign tourists for its magical scenery, especially when they like to take the best photos in the morning. Perth Paradise Resort is about four kilometers by tricycle from the actual Sipalay. Standard rooms are for a maximum of four people.  Family rooms are ideal for accommodation for six people or a family. Here is the common route for everyone to follow, from Bacolod City, go to Ceres South Bus Terminal and take the Ceres Bus to Sipalay or Hinobaan. The journey through time takes about five hours. Then, upon arrival in Sipalay City, get ready to hop on your tricycle and ride for approximately four kilometers over rough roads to relax and enjoy your stay at your exact spot.

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Negros Occidental has many things to offer in many aspects of tourism in the Philippines. Natural biodiversity is one of them. Negros Occidental is also rich in culture when it comes to food, traditions, and hospitality. Negros Occidental has long been a center of culture and art. The wealth of the sugar industry has ensured that Negres Principaria enjoys an above-average standard of living. Also known as “Paris of Negros,” the city of Silay, north of the capital Bacolod, is the cultural and artistic center of the Negros Island region. There are thirty historic homes declared by the National Institute of History, the most famous of which is Balay Negrense. The flourishing of this art was due to the economic importance of the region during the Spanish period. Negros has become perhaps the most Hispanic and pro-Spanish region due to Spain’s huge investment in the sugar business. The Panadosanegros Festival, also known simply as the Panado Festival, is a festival held every April in Bacolod, the capital of Negros Occidental, Philippines. Panaad is a Hiligaynon word meaning “vow” or “promise”. The feast is a form of commemoration of gratitude and vows to providence in exchange for a good life. The celebration will be held at Panaad Park, which also houses the Panaad Stadium, the state calls it the “mother” of all festivals. These are just some of the many astounding cultures of Negros Occidental.

This is a blog series, featuring different tourist spots in the Philippines that will entice and encourage you to travel. Be updated when a new blog is released.

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