Does rejections gets in the way of your success?

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Imagine you are planning a business proposal in which you dedicate time, effort and dedication. You spent a lot of nights researching for ideas in different websites before you come up with new and great ideas that will be helpful for your company. Then you prepared for the big day, wearing formal clothes, and new shoes to impress your superiors for your latest project. You confidently walk at the front and speak your presentation, when all of a sudden, dozens of people started to raise their hands one by one in which they contradict your ideas. Afterwards, you started to froze in the middle of your report, leaving you with doubts and question your abilities.

The word “reject” can cause a heavy heart for many people. Of course, many of us loves to hear praises from everyone because it can boost up our morale and uplift our confidence, making us to do our jobs properly. Praises, on the other hand, can also give not just positivity but comfort at the same time. Especially when you’re dealing a bad day, then someone will compliment you for your presence or when you do a good job, eventually people will give you their trust and sees you as a respectable individual in which they will treat you not just a co-worker but a friend too. However, not everything will work in your favor. 

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There will be times you will experience both sides : the “sunny” and the “dark” side. Rejections are the part of the dark side, because it can make you feel you are not enough and all your ideas are wrong. Wherein you will start to hide and cry in one place so that people will not notice your weakness or your hopeless situation. In the middle of your cries, you start to blame yourself and overthink what went wrong. You scratch your head a million times and remember all the little details that made people reject you, however it is an unpleasant thing to for it only brings you nothing but more disappointments only. So before you turn extremely down, well there are some ways that can help you to have a strong mindset. 

According to the article, “5 Ways Mentally Strong People Deal With Rejection”, these are some of the process which made people become tough and ready to face the rejections as they continue in their life:

1. Acknowledge their emotions. 

Sad or negative feelings are part of human emotions and understanding it is normal. Some of us are wishing that these “emotions” should just disappear so that we will not be easily affected with our problems, but these feelings are what makes us more human. It is really okay to release your frustrations from time to time, like you can do simple activities that will make you forget your problem for a minute but do not engulf yourself with displeasing thoughts because it will give you heavy burdens and stress, which will turn into worse outcomes like losing your sanity and disrupting your inner peace.

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2. View rejection as evidence they’re pushing the limits. 

The thought of being yelled or reprimanded by someone who has higher status like your boss or superiors sounds terrifying right? But always view their rejections as part of lessons that you will carry on in life. Although its hard to look at their perspectives and there are times you will have to prove your point against them when doing your job, however bear in mind that they are more experienced than you so even if both of you do not agree on certain things, still show your respect around them. Listen and understand the context behind their words because sometimes, our pride and ego impedes us to see our mistakes. Maybe, your boss notice a problem about your ideas and the reason why he/she rejects it is because he/she is seeking for more answers in which you need to clarify your plans so that your boss will give the approval you need.

3. Learn from rejection.

Sometimes, whenever we talk our problems with a close friend or family, the only advice that they recommend is that learning is a part of everyday life. At times, we often feel the term “learning” as an optimist outlook in our vocabulary because we think that in order to be a better person, we must endure hardships first before reaching our goal. However, there are no shortcuts in life. Whether you like it or not, rejections are common not just in the business world. People’s critics are harsh and even their nonverbal language says everything whenever they express signs of disagreements towards your works which can be intimidating too. Your chest starts to pounder very fast and sweats are flowing across your face because you cannot answer their questions well but do not overlook the fact that their comments whether its positive or negative, can help you to become a better version of yourself because once you are immune to rejections then you will now have a strong mindset to face different people and hear their opinions.

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(If you want to know more about the “5 Ways Mentally Strong People Deal With Rejection”, kindly read this link :

Do not let rejection stop your path. According to an article namely, “How to Deal With Rejection in a Healthy Way, According to Psychologists”, from Good House Keeping, is that rejection is an inevitable part of life. Successful people that we see on televisions like your favorite news anchor, athlete, celebrity, politician and many more also experience downsides in their lives before they finally achieve the position that is destined for them. They work hard behind the sidelines too wherein they dealt with many objections and trials in which they want to quit but their will and passion for their craft surpass those negative feelings and even if there are still people who continue to give them nasty comments on social media and question their capabilities, they still raise their heads to prove that no one can stop their dreams.

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All in all, facing rejections may seem a hard task but it is the true colors of reality. But it doesn’t mean that you need to invalidate your feelings whenever you feel sad after a rejection because you need to take a rest too. Go drink some water, calm yourself and do not prevent your eyes from crying. You can talk with some friends or your family to soothe your heart and mind, but the only person who can help you the most is no one but yourself. Look in the mirror and chant positive quotes instead to give you the encouragement that you need for the next days. Because once you have calmed down, your mind and body will start to loose itself from stress and you can now do your works properly.


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