World as a young adult: Are you ready for it?

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Ever since we were young, our parents often told us that education is our powerful weapon to face the corporate world with confidence, excitement, and an edge than the others to gain a stable income and a good position in the company.

Of course, what they said is right in all aspects however real world is not really friendly as it is. Everything that we imagined as children about reaching our dreams, achieve higher income, become a CEO president in the future, attain a big house and a beautiful car, all those hopes will starts to change as we grow older as soon our minds starts to open about the system itself and soon, problems will start to arise in which we do not know how to handle things anymore.

Growing up may sounds scary at first, but it is common phase that everyone will experience. From being a small kid who is rich in hopes and aspirations for the future has now turned to an adult who is now working for well compensated wages that are enough to sustain their personal and family’s life. Nowadays, the term “Adulting” is now becoming a hit in social media wherein matured people talk about their experiences on how they manage to live alone inside a condo, apartment, and such to work whether its work from home or onsite companies. As defined by the Tech Target, adulting is the assumption of tasks, responsibilities and behavior associated with grown up life ( Meaning, they have the ability to decide or make choices all on their own with grace under pressure.

Through social media, they show their lives with anyone which has a huge difference from the others like being able to buy the things they can lay their hands on, out of town travels, opening small businesses that deeply catch the youth’s interest to achieve the adult life in an early stage. But of course, the smiles that they project in their pictures and videos has also a different story to tell. There are days that they will lose motivation and determination to continue their jobs in which it can affect their mental health and feel hopeless along the way. There are times that they wish to go back in their younger years rather than to face the world itself. They cannot reach out or rely for their friends anymore because they must face all of their issues on their own because society will label them as “weak” or “failure” as adults, and being seen like that will just leave a scar on their heads and as an insult for them.

According to CISION PR Newswire, there are plans of Adulting:

1. Having a budget

Buying luxurious things like gadgets, clothes, jewelries and such may sound like a good feeling because it can determine your position and status in the society wherein others will see that you are cool and wealthy, but being an adult means spending the money with limitations. Before you proceed as a full fledged – adult, you must know the proper basics in saving your money. As listed by Investopedia, the first part is to practice self-control : pay with cash not credit. But if you do not have a credit card but has an urge to purchase products more, then its time to set limits to yourself and think a dozen times if you really needed your desired item and will be beneficial for you in the future or not. Second, beware of bad advice : educate yourself.

( Do not take words of suggestions to any person that you do not know or is not credible enough to give financial tips because chances are you will begin to choose on a plan immediately about investing your first earned money on a house or even bigger stakes without having any second thoughts.

Adults has the capability to earn for their own money through their dedication and strategy to do their jobs well. As people who have reached the legal age, of course they have the opportunity to look for jobs that are suited in their skills, or what they think will be a great help to them. But as they continue to earn money, they must now face the responsibilities to handle their income properly. The money is the fruit of their labor so adults must be critical on their expenses so that they will not face a financial crisis in the future.

2. Filling your own taxes

Taxes is the most stressful word for the adults because it is one of their duty to pay their taxes well because if they fail to do it, then they will face serious charges in the future. They must contribute to the country’s economy by giving their fair share of contribution to the government for the infrastructure of their projects and plans. So they need to list all of the taxes and include it in their budget and financial plan so they will be aware about it. Some adults mostly have a financial consultant or an accountant that will keep track of their records due to lack of time in arranging it for themselves.

3. Watching the nightly news

Adults are now focused on getting information to the news because of its credible sources and data. It exhibits the true situation in the country like inflation rates, transportation hikes, the nations’ health status, and other social problems. According to an article from Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Filipino’s trust in the news started to grow because they need to know the latest updates during the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. ( Adults are now vigilant to the current events and with the aid of social media, they can now freely express their opinions about the news topic that they saw in their feeds, and they can easily observe and identify the news outlet that spreads fake news or not.

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Just like what they say, “adulting is really hard.” You will undergo a lot of process both in positive and negative aspects. It will also affect your physical and mental health too because your chosen job will test your body on how it will perform in work environment that is different than what you imagined it will be. You must able to control your emotions too because you will meet a lot of different people that are more experienced, knowledgeable, and sometimes even stricter that will test your patience as days goes by. But this “adult” stage is what makes life more exciting.

Because you are now free to explore and try new things that you never done before. As years goes by, you will discover more about yourself and unleash potentials that is residing in you. The world of adults are hard and tough, you know why? Because they know how to strengthen their will and ideologies as years goes by in which they become ready for obstacles that gets in their way because they learned from their mistakes.


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