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Dealing this busy world are really tough. Sometimes, you just wish that all your workloads will disappear in a minute and never go back. But you are obligated to do your tasks because of the pressures inside your workplace and people are just waiting for you to make a mistake wherein they will talk and laugh behind your back. Staring at the wall and waiting for something exciting to happen is your daily routine. You are hoping that the world will be kinder to you but reality itself is harsh. 

Getting up in the morning then facing a long queue to ride the bus but you only encounter a heavy traffic and you are late for an important meeting with your team or boss. Then once you finally get over with that situation, the people around will suddenly scold for not being punctual enough and accuse you of tardiness. Big piles of paper will immediately the first things that you will see in your table wherein you need to finish it completely in one go to meet a specific deadline because when you failed to accomplish this task, there is big possibility can affect your salary in the day.

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Now, you are left with nothing but weariness. And just when you thought that your bad lucks are over, you experience difficulties to home because there are no enough public vehicles that can accommodate commuters everyday and you see that bus and jeepneys are overloaded with employees like you. But those days will eventually disappear once you finally undergo a vacation for your healing purposes.

As listed below by the article, ‘The Importance of Spending Time Alone’, here are some of the reasons about the benefits of solitude on why your “Me” times are should be included to your priorities:

1. It allows you to learn more about yourself and find your own voice.

This is the chance to explore those hidden feelings inside and go out in your comfort zone. Are you tired of doing the same pattern everyday? Then withdraw from those routines and find a new one instead. Ask the questions, “Who am I?”, and “What is my purpose?”, in able to understand yourself better. Drink coffee while thinking this question to relax your mind and recollect all the memories of your journey. Times that made you give up, smile and cry, and take a look on what you have achieved now. Sometimes, we tend to focus ourselves on problems and find difficulties on how to solve it, but we forgot to recall all the good days that we encounter in our lives that makes us to continue our chosen path. 

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2. Boosts your creativity and imagination.

Boosting creativity and imagination does not limit to drawing and painting only because you can enhance yourself by doing latest activities too. Take a lot of pictures and do creative angles or shots that you see outside of your house. You might even capture a great photo then upload it in your social media account to promote your works. Or you can try altering an old dish, for example you can replace bay leaves with pineapples to your adobo meal and if you do not have tomato sauce for your afritada spread, then why not use ketchup as a replacement for it? Learn that every process takes a trial and error. But if you put your ideas into good use, then it will gain high-yielding results. We may not know it, but there are still thousands of discoveries that are not yet found by anyone but through the aide of our imagination, maybe we can make an invention that are original and will be claimed as our own.

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3. Gives an opportunity to plan your life.

Keep in mind that everyone has a different timeline. You see other people in social media who are now successful and become a better version for who they are, that is why you keep comparing yourself at them, making you feel worse than before. Spending quality time with yourself is also an opportunity to update new goals in life. Instead of comparing, why not make them as an inspiration and tell yourself that if they can do it, then so can you. Turn that frown into a cheery smile and read stories about their journey on how they overcome obstacles and what made them pushed their limits even more.

(The article, In Search of Solitude: ‘The Importance of Spending Time Alone’, gives us the reasons in self-love, you can read its full article in this link :’t%20matter%20what,best%20form%20of%20self%2Dcare.)

Here are the techniques on how to enjoy your personal time in this informative article, “6 Awesome Ways To Spend Time With Yourself”:

First, pick up an old hobby or try a new one.

Did you wish to try something new even if you are not good at it? Pick a pen and paper and draw what goes in your mind even though you are not an artist. Or you can grab a mic and starts singing in the top of your lungs even though people says that you are not born to be a singer. How about watching random tutorials on the Internet to expand your knowledge and meet a different hobby like crochet tutorials, origami, and many more? Remember that you are filled with many talents that are kept inside that are just waiting for you to find them. No one has the right to say about what limitations you can do because you are different from them. If you find a new hobby and begins to love it, then continue to pursue that one. Who knows? Maybe your new interest can spark a way to your future and will be an answer for your troubles.

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Second, journal through your thoughts.

Write down all your thoughts whether if its positive or not. State all your doubts, wishes and dreams, troubles and many more. The purpose of this journal is to let your frustrations remove especially if you are shy to tell your issues with family and friends. Envision that notebook or paper as a companion too that will never judge you no matter what kinds of words or statements that you decided to put in there. Afterwards, its your decision if keeping or throwing it away will make you feel good. The important thing is, releasing yourself from agonizing dilemmas can make you bear good emotions to face the next days with a smile.

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Third, just do nothing.

Lay your body on your couch or bed and be peaceful for a day. Do not bother replying to futile messages that will ruin your mood. You can just stare at the ceiling for a while and when your eyes starts to feel heavy, then take a good night sleep already. It can restore your energy fully so that you can function much healthier in the following days.

A single day of vacation or a long period of relaxation is what all we need in our tough times. There will come a day that we cannot rely to the people who helped us before because they have different lives and other priorities that needs to be resolved too. If we try to persist ourselves with them , then it will lead to disagreements. We must learn how to deal with our own matters first by allowing ourselves to take a break without anyone’s presence once in a while so that when we go back to face our reality again, then we will be ready to face its power now with courage.

(Do you still want to read the remaining tips of this article? Kindly read the full context of , ““6 Awesome Ways To Spend Time With Yourself” with this link :


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