Fresh ideas to get that successful “Yes” from job interviews

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Take a deep breath and smile. This is your big day and an interview will determine your fate whether you are fully equipped to get your first job or not. But suddenly you stopped in your tracks and take a second look in your belongings. Have you forgotten something else? Are the documents properly organized and complete? What if you immediately stutter in the middle of an interview? Would they get mad or laugh at you?

Preparation, researching, and internalizing what will be the possible cases or scenario are the vital parts to have a successful job interview. If you come unprepared and just rolled your eyes during the interview, then getting the job will be impossible to attain. First impressions last. The behavior or attitude that you showcased to an interview is also a reflection of yourself, because if people will see that you are uninterested in filling the position then they will not hire you. Remember that you are the one who needed the job, not them. There are dozens of applicants out there who are more skilled and talented than you so just do your best to make your future employer see your worth and realize that you are suited to be a part of their company.

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According to the article, “20 Tips for Great Job Interviews”, here are the things that you can do to prepare for your interview (much better a week before your interview) :

1. Research the industry and company.

Some of the interviewers first questions are asking about your insights towards their company and the purpose on why you chose it as your job. This is one of the tricky inquiries that are made to see if the applicants has search their company well or not. If you cannot answer it right, then the possibilities of getting accepted will decrease to zero. As much as possible, try to read articles about them, what kind of competitors do they have, and their mission and visions. Not only will the interviewer realize your knowledge and wisdom about them, but you can also be helpful to promote the company once you worked with them in the future.

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2. Clarify your “selling points”.

The interviewer or examiner always checks your face to see if you are confident enough to answer all the questions. But one of their hard questions is asking on why should they hire you and what benefits you can do for their firm. So before dealing this tough question, take time to analyze yourself first. List down all your best abilities and expertise that is suited in your desired job. Does talking to people is your great forte? Then write it down as “communication skills.” But are you the kind of person who loves to work on computers and curious about its parts? Then write it down too. Job interviews are all about advertising yourself because these people do not know you so its your duty to make yourself known to them. Do not feel shy when talking about your abilities because the interviewers will feel doubts if you let your nervousness swallows you.

3. Prepare for common interview questions.

While there might be interviewers who taking the interview in a serious tone, then there are some who asks basic questions instead of going to the tough assessments. The reason behind is that the interviewers are conducted by one person only and with hundreds of applicants everyday, they need to reach a maximum number of quota in which the person selects the candidates who has good credentials and college backgrounds. The interviewers has time limits wherein time after time they need to meet a lot of people and examine their answers effectively and see if they are suited in the job or not. They are humans too so do not be anxious if you finally encounter them. In their perspective, dealing with applicants is just a part of their routine and can increase their income if they accepted the role. If you are worried that they might get angry towards you for not being a fluent English speaker, then remove that problems away because they will not think it as a big deal. What matters in a job interview is that you speak with confidence and execute clarity, honesty, and sincerity in your words.

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(This article surely knows how to get you prepare for a job interview, check out this link and read the “20 Tips for Great Job Interviews” full article:

Now that you are determined enough to answer all the questions in a vibrant outlook, check your wardrobe instantly to see if you have the proper clothing to face a job interview. There are different sort of job attires that you can wear depending on your favored company or firm. As mentioned by the article, “The Best Outfits for Job Interviews”, from The Balance Careers, ( if you are applying for a business company, then dressing up in a formal attire is the best choice. For men, you can wear a coat, shirt with a tie and long pants. Then for the women, a blouse and dress pants are much more appropriate. Wear pleasant colors that will compliment your outfit but do not choose flashy clothing that will sore everybody’s eyes. You can also apply these clothing in a virtual interview too.

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Additionally, as also stated by the article, “What to Wear to a Job Interview: The Complete Guide”, on WorkPac, there are establishments who do not require formal attire in their environment. They preferred a more relaxed aura which shows in their kind of business. If you are applying for a position as an employee in coffee shops and small boutiques, educate yourself first what kind of dress codes system they have or none at all. For men, make sure that your polo shirts are neatly ironed and polished and just because they want casual clothes does not mean that you will not take them seriously. Partner your polo shirt with dark trousers rather than jeans to make yourself look more decent. On the other hand, if you have any visible tattoos, make sure that you will cover it accurately.

Meanwhile, on the ladies, if you are also applying to be an employee that projects a casual working environment, then wearing blouse and skirt are the relevant ones for their business. Make sure that your outfit will not show any revealing parts of your body so wearing longer skirts and dresses are the best options for you. Evade yourself from carrying large bags that will not match with your outfit and just cause a heavy cargo for you. These tips for both men and women can also be applied in a virtual interview.

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(Are you still having troubles in choosing your job attire? Well kindly read “What to Wear to a Job Interview: The Complete Guide” complete article to find out :

In short, keep yourself calm and enjoy your interviews at the end of the day. Listen to everything that they will say and wait for their confirmation if you are hired or not. Once the interview is over, do not forget to thank them for their time and leave the room with poise and grace. Because it is still appropriate to leave the place with respectable manners instead of storming outside to express your furiousness especially if you are not hired. And avoid using irrelevant facial gestures if it’s a virtual interview. Do not stick to one company only and expand your options too so that you will have a chance to get accepted on the spot. Eat some food afterwards because you are also tired in answering the questions of the interviewers. 


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