How to amaze everyone with your manners as a new employee in the corporate world

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Being an adult requires many process not just because you reach the legal age. Some people gets too excited when they their legal (18 years old) that they forgot to analyze their own selves if they are efficient enough to do all the tasks in a corporate world because companies are much more firm when it comes to newbies or fresh employees especially if they sense that a person is not familiar in a work environment. You will have a lot of adjustments that are different to your school life.

But don’t worry because every person is not perfect. Even adults commit mistakes but what makes them ahead to young age groups is that they know how to handle things properly and they do not want to complicate matters by overthinking it because they feel that it is a waste of their time. Additionally, time is crucial for them because this serves as their training and goal to finish all the workloads within the day and they will be compensated based on their given time and accomplished tasks so whenever they face an issue or challenges, they always think of a way to solve the problem or even if they do not, they still manage to compose themselves professionally.

According to an article namely, “8 ways to Be an Adult,” from Psychology Today, they listed about the character/attitude that adulting looks like in this modern day in which young adults must possess in able to become good adults in the future:

1. Don’t be a jerk.

Keep in mind that you are not a kid anymore. Not all situation will work in your favor wherein your parents will defend you every time you commit mistakes or have temper tantrums to anyone because in the real world, when you show unpleasant behaviors already towards a fellow classmate or co-worker (if you are a working student) and claimed your superiority among them, there is a big possibility that it will tarnish not just the name of the company but also to yourself and you will fail to establish a good communication with all of them in the future so as early as now, be mindful of your words and learn how to calm yourself when behaving to others.

2. Take full responsibility for where you’re at in your life.

According in this article too, you can complain about your life, and some of it is totally unfair. When facing a serious dilemma, do not blame or shout it to others instead take time to compose yourself and think all the possible solutions that needs to be done in order to establish professionalism. Like what I said, even adults do mistakes but they make sure that it will not happen again because they know how to handle matters on their own. So as a young adult, when the time starts that you will face the corporate world already, be ready to encounter several problems inside your work because not all people will be pleased to your performance at first but rest assured that you will also gain their respect and acceptance once they see your skills in problem-solving, giving new ideas that will be a good advantage to the company itself, and to deal your responsibilities and priorities.

3. Stop lying.

Remember the saying, “Honesty is the best policy.” According to Grammarist, although there are different traces of this quote’s origin from Sir Edwyn Sandys to Benjamin Franklin, but frankly, the meaning behind this is to never show a pretentious self in which it can affect your true personality. Practice being honest first as a young adult and do not make promises instantly to yourself by chanting, “I can do this!”, at all times especially if you are not sure to its results but check and take a look at yourself before doing an action. And do not lie to your friends, classmates, colleagues and even to your future boss someday because lying can only cause you nothing but trouble.

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(Are you curious about the origins of the famous saying, “Honesty is the best policy?”, well read about its historical information from Grammarist in this link :,American%20colony%20in%20Jamestown%2C%20Virginia

Also, as stated by the Business Insider, here are also some signs that shows you are a functioning adult now or let this be a guide for you to be an efficient adult like accepting feedbacks gracefully. Even if you are the smartest student in school before wherein everyone gives you praises all the time, but as you continue to grow up, you also meet people who will give you criticisms and judgments in the end. So the only thing that you can do is not to reject them, but hear and listen to what they say. Examine if it is a good or bad criticism because if you only recognize the bad critics then it will just give you a hard time to accept the good ones too.

The second part is you empathize with others. One way or another, you will spend 24/7 of your day interacting with many people and sometimes it can also cause stress because you need to display a good behavior around them and knows how to deal with their issues without affecting your personal problems too. However, to have an effective communication with them, lend them your ears and listen to their problems. It is a good way that you get to build connection with the people around you and give advices to their problems because you can vent out your worries with them too and as a young adult, this is the first step towards a positive relationship not just in the corporate world but also to everywhere you go.

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All in all, being an adult means to control not just your attitude but also changing your own mindset throughout your journey. There is no turning back anymore once you finished your studies or even you decide to face the real world in an early manner. Either way, your choices will reflect on who you are and do not cry over spilled milk or in simpler terms, you must learn how to handle things maturely and do not solely blame the problem to others or worse to yourself. Do not cast heavy pressures into you because it might affect your other decisions as well so try to solve the problems first and once you are okay, you can now proceed to your other duties.


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