Is taking breaks really necessary at work?

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When was the last time you take your work breaks seriously? Or are you the one who is determined to finish all the tasks in one day without getting a quick sleep or rest?

You can see people wearing formal clothes and decent attires entering a huge company in which they bring their suitcases and laptops. They are talking over their phones about their next assignments and presentations that they are obliged to do within a specific deadline. And at last, you are finally one of them, employees might be the coolest people you see during your childhood days, but soon you instantly realize that all the things that they do are complicated and hard. They need to accept all the rejections, and pains that they encounter in a day and just move on to the next so it will not affect their current work. What’s more is that you can now relate to them too. Your table and your monitor are full of sticky notes that will make you see what are your deadlines and duties.

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These are the simple activities that you can do when you take a break from work according to the article, “20+ Productive Ideas When You Need to Take a Mental Break at Work”:

1. Get outside.

After doing your heavy workloads inside the office, you can now stretch your arms, touch your head, take a deep breath, stretch and walk outside afterwards. A simple feeling of fresh air will lighten your mood and take time to appreciate the views of the scenery like a man taking his dog to a park, couples who are sitting on a bench and having a great time, children who plays in the playground and many more. Appreciating these moments will makes you feel grateful and it can boost your morale to work more eagerly than before. Instead of thinking what will be your next project and kinds of duties that your superiors will give unto you, getting up and having a walk or run outside will give you satisfaction at the end of the day.

2. Call a friend or family member.

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3. Change your playlist.

Play your favorite song when having your short breaks but it is not also bad if you change your music once in a while. There are so many music applications that you can choose from and each of them are showing different categories in which you can play ballad, reggae, pop music, country music and such. If you want to try other genres like upbeat music after being a huge fan of mellow songs, then go ahead and add it in your playlist. No one really stays the same once they encounter the realities of life. Some people change for the better while some are not. Your hobbies and favorite activities will change from time to time but it does not mean that you are obligated to leave the past behind. 

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4. Makeover your workspace.

Are you slightly irritated that your papers are scattering around on the table and there are not enough space for your other materials? The good news is that you can redecorate it. Make it simple yet aesthetic at the same time. You can watch videos from the Internet on how they designed their workspace in a minimalist method. However, avoid yourself from buying expensive things just to make it beautiful. Remember, you are not entering a competition. You can purchase low-priced items both in online and physical stores like small box or file holder that will make all your documents safe and secure. Having a beautiful view while looking at your workspace will definitely give a calm peace of mind to your work. 

5. Eat a snack slowly.

A delicious snack can replenish all your energy in juts one bite. Chew it slowly, and savor its rich ingredients before doing your work. This is the main purpose why the companies are letting their employees to have breaks in a couple of minutes. So that everyone will not boil down and gets extremely stress. But some employees are skipping their breaks and work continuously because they thought it is a waste of time and money to take a rest, but it gives a huge toil in their bodies because of starving and dehydration. But if you are not willing to take your break completely, then you can have at least eat a snack. A single cookie or biscuit can do and drink a lot of water too so that your body can still function normally and can handle the jobs properly.

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Now that we listed the activities that you can do in your breaks, now is the time to talk about its benefits as mentioned by the article, TOP BENEFITS OF TAKING BREAKS AT WORK”. Breaks at work can help :

First, re-evaluate your goals.

Spare a minute of your time by thinking about your goal, purpose and ambitions in life. For example, the reason why you are working is because of your family, having a stable career and income, travelling in foreign countries, treating yourself in an expensive restaurant and many more. You have your own intentions too on why you dedicate yourself at work and make it as an inspiration. 

Second, is to lessen injuries

Taking breaks are significant because your body shows fatigue due to overwork. You do not want to collapse in the middle of your job right? So give the rest that your body fully deserves. Sitting or standing for too long can also cause stress, while looking and typing at the front of your computer will result to minor weaknesses like eyesight problems or muscle twitches.

Lastly, is a creativity boost.

When you are now having your breaks, invite a friend over to have lunch with you or have conversations with anyone. This is an effective method to exercise your brain to release the pressure it feels. Then talk about what goes on in their lives and what kind of tasks that are distributed to them because you can get ideas from them for your latest projects or you can find solutions from them based on their answers.

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All in all, time may be important and doing breaks may consume your attention rather than focusing on your work, however you have limitations too. Taking a 1 hour break will not hurt or affect your other duties as well. Over stressing yourself cannot make you feel good and will just lead more burdens for you. Every person needs a break once in a while. The corporate world may be a place for successful people but even its owner or the CEO itself are doing breaks because they know how to balance their career and period of relaxation with proper time-management.


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