Last Chapter: Understanding Financial Literacy

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For the last chapter of defining financial literacy, how are you going to define it? Is it clear to you? Or still wondering and confusing? Are you able to become financially literate? Are you willing to start the next chapters of your financial life? Are you ready to become wealthy? Are you already have a mind and attitude that is healthy? Let’s start changing by ending the topic about Financial Literacy definitions. I prepared another trusted site that will finalize your knowledge and will surely help you to decide for changes in your financial life.

Metrobank also known as Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company was established in 1962 at the Philippines. With more than 50 years of serving the Filipino’s, they delivered a meaningful banking around the whole country. They offer a full range of services to large local and multinational corporations. They provide a lot of proof and evidences regarding on their success in the field of finance. Their experience for more than 50 years represents their trustworthiness and loyalty to the Filipino’s. The reason why they are considered as one of the trusted sites we can rely on adding more knowledge about Financial Literacy. Before defining Financial Literacy, let us first define Finance. According to Metrobank, “Finance is the management of money. There are several concepts that make up finance including saving, investing, budgeting, and borrowing.” It looks simple and easy, just like how you can spend a money in no more than 5 minutes. If we compare on our daily life basis, we always do Finance. Because the concept of this includes saving, investing, budgeting, and borrowing that we usually do in our money. So if we normally do that, why do we still need to study this? Because we only know how to do it but we can’t do it properly. Why? Lack of discipline, stress and pressure, and anything that makes it worse. The reason why it is important to open our mind about finances and be financially literate by understanding Financial Literacy. Finance also comes with three main categories: Personal Finance, Corporate Finance, and Public Finance. Personal finance refers on how individuals deals with their money. While, Corporate Finance is anything about money that is related to business. Lastly, the Public Finance is used to care on the welfare of the public just like taxing. Knowing those terms is worthy because it also shows a deeper and wider knowledge about finances. A great step to walk in the process of changing ourselves to become financially literate. Now that we know those important terms in Finance, we will now proceed on understanding financial literacy as the last chapter of seeking information’s and definitions of it. According to Metrobank, “Financial literacy is being able to manage your money wisely. Financial literacy involves knowing and using the basic concepts of financial literacy. As mentioned above, these include saving, investing, budgeting, and borrowing. A good grasp on the different financial skills partnered with the ability to use them is key in achieving your financial goals. With financial literacy, you can save up for retirement, purchase a new home, or build a sizable estate for your children.” As mentioned in the previous articles, to become financially literate you need to have a great knowledge and a qualified skills about financial literacy. It is simple and easy to understand, also it is easy to determine the importance of it in our financial life. To achieve your financial goals and avoid experiencing financial stress and issues, be financially literate. It seems like a better escape from a serious and stressful financial problems. There is nothing wrong if we try following those guides and strategies that financial literacy gives to us, besides it is worthy at the end.

MX is a company that offers APIs (according to the site of Amazon, APIs is a mechanisms that enable two software components to communicate with each other using a set of definitions and protocols) that helps people and even companies to get their right finance data. They secure the finance data when verifying and also enhance its data engine. They provide proofs and evidences that support their trustworthiness and experience in the field of finances. That’s the reason why we can consider them in seeking information about Financial Literacy. According to MX,Financial literacy is critical for making well-informed decisions about money matters. But the truth is that financial decisions are not always easy and straightforward.” Being a well-informed in deciding about money matters is a crucial part of financial literacy. It looks like easy and basic to do but it is not. Simply because change is constant, we can’t deny the fact that inflation might happen or any financial problems may occur. That is one of the importance of understanding financial literacy. It is like a subject in school that we need to study well for us to be able to be knowledgeable about that and be able to apply it in our life. Applying this lessons in our life will help us to become better and successful. We need a proper guidance from people who have experiences and expertise. Relying on different trusted sites is one step of the process. A process of changing our old ways of financial living. We all know that our financial life can affect a lot of things, we need to decide appropriately to prevent this to happen. Not having financial education may lead to unsuccessful financial life. It will be hard for us to set our goals and to achieve it. Simply because we are not able to manage our money, even maintaining our remaining balance will also hard for us. If you are still reading until the end of defining financial literacy, you must move forward on the steps, guides, and strategies to improve your knowledge and skills in decision making in managing your money. This will surely help you to become financially literate and achieve your financial goals in life. It can also improve your financial life and gives you an opportunity to become successful in the future. Don’t waste your time and start thinking right now! Am I going to click the next articles? Or I just need to accept the fact that I can’t be financially literate and able to become successful? Decisions is yours, if not now, then when?

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