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Pacifica Online. The first Filipino-made 2D Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) in Facebook was released in November of 2010.

Pacifica Online-MMORPG

The indie game company Nexus Pixels, who developed the game, consists of four Filipino developers namely Galileo Lajara, Justine Torrevillas, Donnie Ray Gianchand, and Jeremiah Torrevillas.

Photo from Nexus Pixels/Facebook Page

JET/facebook page
credits to Galileo Lajara/Facebook

You can choose 4 different characters. From deacon, swordsman, waif, or archer and have them levelled up to cleric, knight, bandit or ranger. There were different maps available so it won’t be crowded when you grind.

You’ll be surprised as some of the features in the game are based on Filipino culture including Salakot (gear), Halo-halo (loot), Kare-kare (loot), Adobo (loot), Petchay (mob), and mini games such as Habulan Tulungan and Agawan Base.

Pacifica online has been running for almost 12 years and is now transitioning to a 3D game as part of its development phase.

You may explore the game at or visit their page for more updates.

Pacifica Page/Facebook
Pacifica Page/Facebook
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