Part 2: Managing your CV by putting your Financial Skills.

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Still wondering what are your financial skills? Do you still confuse on your skills? Or you are able to determine it now? Knowing what financial skills can help you to determine your strength in work!

First, communication. Having good communication skills are now in demand among companies that are looking for employee. As someone who applies for a company, you must have a good communication skill, even though you are not required to talk a lot in a certain job, but still, you need communication skill, because you will still talk to your co-workers and superiors. For jobs that require talking and explaining, having a good communication skill is required as you are to talk to other people. Nowadays, a lot of people are now more outspoken and willing to speak their mind, able to talk with confidence, because they know that companies take a good look at them if they have a good communication skill that’s why they practice it.  Second, negotiation. If you’re aiming to be a financial expert or professional, having decent negotiation skill is good for your career. Being good at negotiation means that you can negotiate properly without losing much from you. Now with decent negotiation skill will allow you to find agreement that benefits the whole group. Lacking in negotiation skills will result in disarray or even worse loss of revenue in a company or business. Remember that having good negotiation skill will always give you advantage on whatever point you stand. Third, influencing. Financial professionals must be good at convincing people and explaining how something will be beneficial to them. If you are a financial professional, you must be able to show or explain to someone why they should get health care insurance or investment. How it will be beneficial to them, will it be helpful in the long run. Being influential can bring revenue to a company if you are able to convince people and properly show them the benefits and disadvantages. Fourth, critical thinking. As a financial professional, you deal with a lot of numbers and scenarios of problems that you must solve. If you are financial advisor, your job is to give solution to your clients on how they can solve a certain situation. This is the reason that why financial professionals must be critical thinkers, if they can’t give solution or explanation to their client financial problem, they will lose the client. If you gave a poor decision or a bad one to your client, it will cost the time and money of your client resulting to them losing their trust on you. Improve this skill if you want to be a financial professional. Fifth, flexibility. If you are in a high-pressure workplace environment and constant change. You must be a flexible worker, being able to adapt and still work properly. Being able to understand how others think and work is something you must acquire, that is part of being flexible worker. Your mindset should be also flexible, understanding how others are motivated and thinking how they will do something and reflecting on it. Practice this soft skill and it will give you additional chances on getting hired. Sixth, resilience. In financial jobs, there will be a lot of work and problems, you will be required to think a lot of scenarios of problems and think for a solution. Now being resilient is must be acquired by someone who want to work, resilient means that you are able to recover quickly from problems or a bad circumstances. Being a resilient employee will be beneficial to the company, trusting yourself and your abilities. Time will come that their will be hard circumstances to you, and you must prove yourself that you can cope up with it. Seventh, collaboration Being a financial professional doesn’t mean that you will not work with other people. In the financial sector, some companies consider being a collaborative person is their highest priority to get. It shows that the companies are organized and working as a team that shares the same goal to achieve. If you want to be part of that, then you must be able to communicate in order to collaborate with your teammates. Because you will have group works that need teamwork and preparedness to listen to other people and ready to take task or obligations properly. By being able to collaborate you will be able to get hired to some companies that need people with a collaborative skill and surely be beneficial to the company. Eight, problem solving. Problem solving means that you are quick to identify what problems you have at hand then you are fast on thinking what decisions or options that you can use to solve the problem you are facing. Being a problem solver person, you will be a great value to a financial company, you have the opportunity to make decision and input that will either drive the company to betterment or worse. That is why you should practice your problem-solving skill; this is vital and crucial for the company that it can decide how the company will strive. Learn to improve this skill there might be a chance that you are put in role where this skill plays a huge part. Ninth, dedication. Dedication means that you if you start something you will completely finish it, you will not back out or abandon the task. This talks about your commitment to your work without any rewards or compensation. Being disciplined in work, completing their tasks start to finish. You will be rewarded of great gratification, satisfaction from yourself, and feeling accomplished. We learn this skill early in life, we just need to practice it and apply it to our work. Tenth, empathy. Being empathetic means that you are able to understand the feelings and frustrations of other people around you. You show that you care by being understanding to create trust and bond between your coworkers or even client. The reason empathy takes part in this financial profession is because client come to you when they have stressful problems about their finance. You empathy skill will come in play here, you need to understand your client and make sure that you make the right decision that will remove the problem your client. So being empathetic is not useless in the sector of financial professions.

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