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We can never deny the fact that with all the stress we accumulate in a day can make our body feel numb and heavy. Sometimes, we often wish that we can just close our eyes and take a rest already but workloads and strict deadlines keeps hindering our way. This is a huge obstacle for us because when our bodies are tired, we feel lazy and unenergetic to do our tasks and it may lead to lack of motivation to finish our works within the day. But when we choose to force our bodies and stay committed in our duties without taking a break, chances are it can also lead to sickness or an even worse situation.

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Our body is also our friend. We cannot function without it such as walking, running, jumping, hopping and such. Value yourself and check your body first before doing all your other responsibilities. Restraint yourself from taking too much workloads and exerting many efforts just to impress anyone, telling them that you can multi-task all of the same time. A person with a good time management should also involve doing extra breaks for 1-2 hours to replenish the energy he/she needs. You are not a robot that has a program to do all its assignments with a snap of a finger, but a human who also experience fatigue and vulnerable for a whole day.

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If you are idolizing the world of grown-ups, well they show signs of imperfections too. There are times that they also refrain themselves from taking any rest to the point that their bodies cannot handle the burden anymore which eventually leads to common illnesses like allergies, colds and flu, headaches and many more as mentioned by the University Health Services from Princeton University (  But as years go by, they finally understand their limitations so in order to do their duties properly onsite and virtual work, they take necessary precautions to be physically healthy so that they will not collapse in the middle of their duty.

As stated from the research of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each week adults need 150 minutes of moderate physical activity and 2 days of muscle strengthening. As you proceed to adulting stage, it is significant to inspect yourself before doing an exercise because only you get to see and realize your abilities rather than anyone. The activities that adults suits the most are aerobic activities and strength activities. According to UNL Food, aerobic activities has 2 types : Moderate-Intensity and Vigorous-Intensity. Moderate – Intensity involves walking, swimming, or playing tennis. You can do this first type together with a friend because it is also vital that you have a companion when doing an exercise so that you can nurture a good bond with anyone. 

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On the other hand, Vigorous-Intensity activities involves jogging or running, jumping rope and hiking uphill with a hefty backpack. Be careful when doing extreme activities like hiking or climbing a mountain and makes sure that you have a tour guide or an acquaintance during your hiking trip because they are the people who knows the path that will guide you to a safe journey. Additionally, strength activities are comprises of muscle training which will be a good benefit to stabilize your body by lifting weights, carrying heavy loads, push ups and pull ups, and many more. In this way, your body can endure the heavy pressure it will come up against in the future. 

Also, nothing beats a refreshing sip of water before, during and after exercises because in fact, a research from Healthline ( says that health experts recommend eight (8) ounce of water and is called the 8×8 rule for the body loses water all day especially when it secrets urine and sweat so its better to stay hydrated as always.

(Get to know all about the health related details in UNL Food by browsing in this link :

(Be informed and aware about physical activity and muscle strengthening that are required for adults by reading the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through this link :,Physical%20Activity%20Guidelines%20for%20Americans.&text=We%20know%20150%20minutes%20of,do%20it%20all%20at%20once.)

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Now that we know the exercises that adults take as a guide so that they can be physically healthy along the way, we must be informed about its benefits too. According to Medline Plus here are the positive advantages that exercise will bring upon us.

First is, it helps control your weight.

Do you feel annoyed when you starts to pant for a second even if you are just walking a few meters away from your starting point? Its because you lack exercise and your weight can also give a huge load to your body that will be a hindrance to do even simple physical activities like walking. Exercise gives you a helping hand to reduce the unwanted fats in your body especially if its loaded with calories due to food-intake or other reasons.

Second, it can improve your mental health and mood.

Doing exercise or physical activities can be draining but it gives enjoyment at the same time. This can remove all the negative feelings you obtain not just in a day and it will give you a much more lighter mood to continue your tasks without regrets. This can also remove any possibilities of anxiety and depression that will go in your way. Fear, anger, hatred will continue to disappear if you do warm-ups before you walk outside your home. Bring a facemask, sanitizer, and water when going outside because health is our top priority. Nowadays, it is risky to do any outdoor activities but if you follow the town’s protocols or guidelines and carry the necessary things given in this situation, then you will be safe.

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Lastly, it improves sleep.

Once your mental and emotional has now gain improvements from exercising, then you will have a fine sleep than before. The days when you feel insomnia, sleep paralysis and such will all vanish slowly. It may not look like it, but exercise can make a person rest at ease without worrying tomorrow’s problems and function properly in the next days because the body finally accomplished the recharge it needs. Adults perform better at work or even in their personal lives when they finally have a good night sleep.

(Check out this link if you want to know all about Medline Plus article and be informed about all other benefits of exercise:

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In general it can be said that, the world is now turning into a busy place to live in. Times are changing and it is very hard to adjust and accept its changes, forcing us to rush things just to keep up with the system without even realizing that it has cause a massive effect to our body. But we don’t need to follow the norms of society. Actually, expressing our vulnerable state is not a problem and we just need to take a break once in a while. But having breaks can also be productive if we dedicate ourselves by doing exercise and treating our bodies first to release all the unacceptable emotions it has collected because of busy days like school, organizations, works and many more. Adulting is a stage of realizations and accepting your flaws and weaknesses, but thinking ways how to re-shape your physical and mental health is also a sign of maturity towards adulthood.



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