The Great Henry Sy, A story you must see!

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Do you ever dream to have a business? A business that will be known by a lot of people? A successful business that will make your life change to the fullest? Do you ever wonder what is it like swimming in a sea of money? How far can you go dreaming about this thing? Do you still believe that someday you can achieve that success? There is nothing impossible for those people who don’t stop believing! To prove that everything can be possible, let us read the success of SM.

Do you ever wonder how rich and successful people start their lives? Do they born as rich people or not? Do they belong to a rich family that makes them what they are today? I will tell you a story of a great man who succeed in his business and known as the richest man in the Philippines. Yes you heard it right, the richest man in the Philippines namely Mr Henry Sy Sr.  He was born as we are not expecting, he does not came from a rich family. He was born from a poor family at Quanzhou, China. When he was 12 years old, he migrated here in the Philippines with his father. They started a small sari-sari store business that is located at Quiapo, Manila City. But unfortunately, because of World War II their small business burned down. That is the reason why his father decided to go back in China but he insisted to go with his father. Because of his determination and confidence that he will become successful here in the Philippines. He only have 10 cents in his pocket but it does not stop him to pursue his goals in life. He studied Commerce, English, and Filipino Language. He also selling GI Shoes (surplus). He focused on trading shoes that gives him an idea to discover local supplier (Philippine made) and leads to continuous importation of his products shoes. He married with his fellow Chinese-immigrant lady and they are blessed with six children. His wife Felicidad Tan is also a vendor in Manila, she is a lace vendor. Henry got an idea because of his wife job. He thought of bringing the goods and products inside his shoe mart. His wife helped him to manage and take the business process all the way. Henry Sy shows perseverance and dedication with his dreams, he even selling shoes in the street in Manila despite of the climate; no matter how hot or cold the day is. There is one time that he experienced the moment he almost die because he was shot with a shrapnel and turns to have an excessive bleeding. Luckily, there is some who helped him. They became friends and as an act of gratitude they became business partners. And that person became successful because of him. As a business man, he also experienced obstacles that makes him feel disappointment but he was still able to make a solution in everything and solve it one at a time. ‘

I believe you are familiar to SM, but did you know the meaning of it? Shoe Mart also known as “SM” is the business that Mr Henry Sy owns. There’s a lot of SM branches here in the Philippines, currently there are 79 SM branches around the Philippines and there are 24 more scheduled to be opened that gives a total of 103. They also have 8 malls in China and they prove how successful their business is. SM also have different classification although they are all under SM Prime Holdings. There’s SM City Malls, SM Hypermarket, and SM Savemore. He began to open and start a branch at Carriedo, Manila. It became popular and successful in that time, the reason why he decided to add 2 more branches. In the year 1972, he consider adding more products in his shop. Besides from shoe products, he think he can add more useful products that customers will needed. That’s how his renowned Department Store and Supermarket emerged. When his business added more product and became expanded, his mother helped him to manage it. After so many time, his father also assist him and helped him to operate his business. Then after opening different branches, he decided to build a super malls. In the year 1985, he opened the first super mall that is located to Quezon City. Followed by the Mega Malls at Mandaluyong City that he experienced a lot of obstacles that leads to delays to the original completion date.

I know you are still wondering if it is possible for us to also achieve that kind of success. Nothing is impossible for those people who does not stop believing in themselves. I will tell you a short story on how Mr Henry Sy Sr. gain a lot of knowledge about business. He got a degree in commerce at Far Eastern University also known as “FEU”. He did everything he can because he wants to change his life. Despite of failures and rejections for so many years, he was still able to achieve his goals in life. He learned from his suppliers, employees, and customers. Upon listening to them, he build his confidence to try and open an opportunity in expanding his business towards department store chain. He experienced a lot of problems, challenges, and obstacles throughout the years. But because of his strong determination and passion for his dreams, he was able to surpass everything and achieve his goals in life. Just like other businesses, he experienced obstacles that leads to disappointment. But with the support and encouragement of his employees and customers, he continue to achieve his goals. In the hard times, he never discourage or boost his own confidence but he wants to achieve a valuable goal for an organization. He told his team to follow his enthusiasm. For so many years, he expand his business all over the Philippines. Henry Sy died in January 19, 2019 at the age of 94. His family saw his death body when he was asleep in their house. According to Henry Sy,” if you fail, never discourage but try again.” He shows us a great perseverance and determination in reaching our dreams. Never be discouraged because of failures, we can still try until we succeed in our goals. He is not just the richest billionaires in the Philippines, but also a man who inspires a lot of people.

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