From “Tutoy” to Vice Ganda: The Gratifying Story to the Unkabogable Success

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It is undeniable that when someone hears the name “Vice Ganda,” a face automatically comes in pair with the iconic name. Everybody knows who this famous comedian, actor, entrepreneur, singer, television presenter, and television talk show host is with just the mere mention of the popular moniker. With all the success comes the initial question of how Vice Ganda became the person he is today and with this article, we provide the story behind someone that is perceived to only be smiles and jokes and that he is more than just the happiness he provides people.

Vice Ganda
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Meet “Tutoy”

Born as the youngest of five children on March 31, 1976, Jose Marie Borja Viceral lived his early life within what is considered to be the poorest neighborhood in Manila, Tondo. His father, Reynaldo Viceral, faced a gruesome fate as the barangay (village) chief as he got killed when Vice was still in his mid-teens. Loaded with the responsibility of raising and supporting five children alone, Vice’s mother, Rosario, took the opportunity to try her luck as a caregiver abroad just like what many other Filipinos resort to.

Vice was not entirely secretive about this fact, but when he was young, he was given the nickname “Tutoy,” and his mother, up to this day, still calls him the name. Vice shared in an interview that they used to sell rags as well when he was younger in order to earn just a little bit for the family. Aside from the financial struggle, Vice also had to go through the challenge of being a young, closeted homosexual. He experienced bullying not just from his classmates, but also from his neighbors just for his sexuality.

Despite the mockery he received for who he is, Vice Ganda received a rather heartfelt message from one of his teachers which tells him to continue to be strong and pursue his dreams no matter what. Since then, Vice thrived in reaching his goals; he strived to do great in his studies and venture into events that are in the field of literary music. Not only was he improving his singing skills, but he was also enhancing his speaking skills in the process.

Vice’s education from third grade until he reached his second year as a Political Science student at Far Eastern University was also supported by a Japanese whom he was not able to meet even once. Upon graduating, he really sought to find this person who helped him in his education just to express his gratitude. However, to his misfortune, he was unsuccessful in knowing the kind person’s whereabouts. In order to, still, give back, Vice reportedly picked a lucky girl as his own scholar in one of the noon-time show “It’s Showtime”,

Photo Credits: The Vice Ganda Network
Gaining popularity was never linear for the talk show host; it took him ten years until he received his “big break” in the business.

Around the years 1997 and 1998, Vice frequented comedy clubs and developed his comedic skills and materials under his mentor, Hans Mortel. In 1999, he was brought into television after being scouted by Ogie Diaz and first cast as an extra character in a Judy Ann Drama Special, an ABS-CBN network project, and only played minimal roles in noontime shows and programs from the same network.

His first ever movie project was being cast in “Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat” in 2007 that starred known comedians and actresses such as Eugene Domingo, Candy Pangilinan, Rufa Mae Quinto, and Pokwang. Afterward, he gained a few more minor roles in films such as Condo and In My Life, as well as television shows such as Dyosa and Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik.

A decade after Vice Ganda’s television debut was when he finally began receiving plenty of recognition when he started as a judge on Showtime, a competition show prior to the then-noontime show in ABS-CBN. He, later on, became one of the main hosts when the show rebranded into ‘Its Showtime’ and became the network’s main noontime show due to the success it garnered with the entertainment and the addition of Vice’s prowess in making other people smile and laugh.

Even when the show was put on a halt due to the temporary shutdown of the network, Vice resumed working as an It’s Showtime talk show host and spreading all the good vibes when the noontime show continued airing on a different platform managed by the network.

Following this huge pull of the audience that Vice had garnered by the year 2011, he was given his own nighttime talk show called, “Gandang Gabi Vice” [Good Evening, Vice] that immediately became another hit. It was originally planned to only last one season, but due to popular demand, the show extended to three more seasons and continued providing late-night laughter for its viewers.

Photo Credits: Vice Ganda for Petrang Kabayo

Another blessing that came Vice’s way would be his first-ever leading role in a film produced in 2010, with the title, “Petrang Kabayo”. When the producers witnessed how much of a success it became, Vice continued receiving lead roles in succeeding movies; each garnering more success than the previous one and ultimately adding up to the steady rise of Vice’s career. In addition to his career as a talk show host and an actor, Vice also ventured into the world of singing, currently having released four albums that featured mainly pop and novelty songs.

Cosmetic Line

Photo Credits: Vice Ganda for Vice Cosmetics

Garnering a lot of success in multiple fields, Vice Ganda also tried to venture into releasing his own cosmetic line back in the year 2018. Named after his famous stage name, Vice Cosmetics is considered to extend the good vibes that Vice has been bringing his audiences throughout his career. The brand aspires to let the confidence ooze out of the wearer of their products, promoting their own beauty enhanced by the makeup brand.

According to Vice’s interview with Metro.Style, the launch of the cosmetic brand was heavily for the reason of honoring his mother, Rosario. He recalled the moment when he broke his mother’s lipstick by accident when he sneaked around to use it when he was younger. In response, his mother told him about the lipstick being broken yet she was still unable to complete the payment.

This experience stuck with Vice until he was older, as well as the realization that beauty products and their cost are usually too high. Normal working people do not view them as items they can easily afford, making them more inaccessible to the public. This motivated Vice to produce a cosmetic line that contains quality products that are budget-friendly and accessible to all regardless of age, gender, or social class.

This approach is also heavily welcomed by Vice’s supporters, which are the Filipino masses. It also adapts well to the economy in the Philippines and is more than just that’s why Vice Ganda Cosmetics’ first collection was sold-out upon its first official launch. There are some who are hopeful for the improvement of the products’ quality, however, it is no secret that the cosmetic line’s success does not just lie in Vice Ganda’s name but also in the promising quality and the inspiring story of the makeup brand.

Starting with a humble life of endurance in every aspect and finally being successful in various positions as a public figure, Vice Ganda remains to be as human as possible; correcting his mistakes and being responsible for his built platform. He also strives to be a positive influence not just to his fans but also to those who are striving for their own success.

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