What will you sacrifice: Love or career?

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In this modern generation, finding love and having relationship seems easy because many people use social media to communicate not just with their loved ones but also to look for their soulmates who will support them along the way. A famous quote once says, “No man is an island.” Everybody seeks to have a partner in their lives that will make them feel secure and inspired to do their daily activities.

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According to the Verywell Mind, love is a set of emotions and behaviors characterized by intimacy, passion, and commitment. Meaning, love is also combined with trust because if you fail to give it to your partner, then your relationship will starts to crumble if you viewed it on the negative side wherein you will have arguments or misunderstandings that will eventually leads to heavy problems or worse – separation.

(If you want to know more about the Verywell Mind’s insights, kindly read the informations from this link : https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-love-2795343)

Career, on the other hand, is everyone’s goal to achieve their dreams since childhood and earn a better income. Nowadays, it is vital to have a job especially that inflation rates continue to increase wherein it affects the country’s status in economy and people is now realizing the fact that having a stable career will save them from hunger and debts. As we can all observe in the news, some people tend to have multiple jobs to sustain their family or personal needs because their recent income are not enough to meet their expectations. Most of the workers tend to have an overtime so that they can receive an overtime pay which will be a big help in their situation and to gain additional money too.

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When you are young (ranging from 20-25 years), this is called the “Exploring” stage. Naivety and maturity are starting to clash with one another because you are now acknowledging the fact that you have limitations and thoughts like these will make you doubt yourself and lose motivation in the process. But after you successfully past this stage, you are now equipped to continue your adulting life by facing worst case scenarios with better understanding and an optimist point of view to handle it well wherein balancing love and career will not be turn as an obstacle for you.

These are the following recommendations to manage your career and relationship in order to come up with better decisions:

1. The art of multi-tasking.

Having a relationship while handling your career is not an impossible situation because you are now in the legal age wherein people has the freedom to choose their path both in love and career. According to a statement from Ideapod, give an honest assessment or evaluation from yourself. Staying in a relationship while doing your jobs is normal and it is also a good way to prove with your partner that you are responsible enough to communicate with him/her even though you are busy but still can make time for them in this busy world. However, to relieve yourself from overthinking with unhealthy thoughts and experience difficulties on how to balance your career and personal life, then try to focus on a certain priority one at a time. Dedicate yourself at work (depending on the working hours) but give also updates to your partner and stay in touch with each other from time to time.

(If you are still searching for more details and seek answers about choosing love and career, kindly check this link : https://ideapod.com/how-to-choose-between-love-and-career/)

2. Remember that your partner is a part of priority too.

Be honest with your partner and tell them what you truly feel. Making compromises is a part of a relationship too by telling him/her about your chosen job and there are days that you will not have a free time unlike before. However, do not get too focused on one priority only because your partner is also a part of your responsibility as well. Do not break your promises because it can hurt your partner’s feelings and find the right day to spend time with him/her. Your partner will appreciate you even more by giving him/her the approach he/she deserves.

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3. True love is hard to find.

According to Love Panky,(https://www.lovepanky.com/my-life/work-and-office/love-or-career-the-right-choice) if you are single but curious and ready to mingle with others then find a partner that will choose to respect your decisions. In this modern age, searching for love is now easy but knowing a stranger’s intentions and actions is not easy to determine especially cases like scam, online theft, blackmailing and such is dangerous. Know the person first before entering a relationship and try to ask him/her about their hobbies, ambitions and dreams that your partner wants to attain together with you. Just like career, love takes time and process too because you will undergo a lot of problems but the good news is that you will not keep your burdens alone because your partner will give you helping hand and will not leave you behind.

4. Have a planner and write down your schedule.

Writing journals and planners is convenient when it comes to your assignments, projects, deadlines and many more. You cannot memorize all your tasks in one day so taking notes is great to enhance your memorization and note-taking skills. But it does not only imply to your work field but also a personal planner is beneficial for you by including a “social schedule” exclusively only for your personal life. Separate your career and personal planner. You will put down all your dream pursuits in your personal planner for example : I will go on a date with my partner in Saturday or I will go to church with my family every Sundays.  In this way, you will not stressed yourself with workloads everyday because  holidays and day-offs will symbolize as your “freedom” to spend wonderful time with your dearest loved ones or even your special someone.

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Relationships are full of ups and downs. In the adulting world, mostly they sacrifice one thing over another. It can be career or love, depending on the person’s choice. But why do we need to abandon some things that guarantees happiness in our lives? Why do we need to compare the importance of career and love and make a debate about it whereas in fact it only gives us genuine feelings that will gives us joy for the rest of our lives? There is no such thing as an “easy” task in the adulting world. When you are a grown up or an adult, you are bound to make sacrifices along the way but make sure that you will never regret your choices because it can only leave a scar to your life and will possibly affect all other problems that you will encounter in life. Create and maintain a peaceful relationship with your partner and do your best at work too.





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